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This is the digital showcase of London based creative designer James Hayter.

The website features recent selected print and digital works. If you are interested in viewing a full portfolio please get in touch.

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Global Rebrand

This prism like logotype refracts the image below, presenting an altered perspective. This multi-perspective view is an important aspect of the Naked way of working and distinguishes it from other creative agencies. We wanted the brand mark to be versatile and work not only on flat colours but also comfortably over imagery.

After the initial branding stage it was our responsibility to rethink and redesign the website — striving to create a better user experience. Stationery design and office interior branding also followed.

View website here

© Work completed under creative direction at Naked 2013

Virgin Atlantic

Parallax Website

This parallax website was designed and built to inform businesses of Virgin's 'Little Red' service. The site guides the user through the simple Arrive, Bus, Check process but also presents a multitude of offers and perks.

It was my responsibility to art direct and design the site whilst also working with the innovations director to find the best solution for user experience across desktop and mobile.

View website here

© Work completed under creative direction at Naked 2014

Terra Firma

Annual Review

Art Direction and design for Terra Firma's Annual Review 2010 whilst working at Dusted.

It was of great importance to the client to publish an accurate financial report but to also present an optimistic and secure feel about the company. I was in charge of sensitively crafting and evolving each of the 150 pages of the review, making sure the wide range of information was displayed clearly and interestingly. After the intensive design process I was also in charge of overseeing the printing and cutting process.

© Work completed under creative direction at Dusted 2011


Website Redesign

At Naked we were tasked with modernising the experience and visual direction of Activia's existing site. I worked on developing a new feel using expansive full bleed imagery and vibrant backgrounds which act as clear section dividers for content across the site. As well as a product section, Activia required us to develop sections focused on recipes and news. The main challenge throughout was making sure the site felt visually consistent, but at the same time interesting, across a broad range of content.

View website here

© Work completed under creative direction at Naked 2013


Create Campaign

Nokia asked Naked to develop a visual identity for their Nokia Create campaign. The campaign was a competition, encouraging entrants to develop apps for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8. There were various missions such as, creating imaging or navigation apps and an array of prizes up for grabs.

Working as a part of the design team at Naked, we came up with a key visual and logo identity for the campaign, based around building blocks of code. This was then implemented over a range of social media channels and websites. A Create campaign section was developed for the Nokia developer website.

© Work completed under creative direction at Naked 2013

Made North

Yorkshire in Yellow

A contribution to Made North's 2014 Yorkshire in Yellow exhibition, held at the Millennium Gallery during Sheffield Design Week.

The exhibition celebrated the esteemed maillot jaune and the epic history of the race, as well as England being host country for the Tour’s Grand Départ 2014.

I was influenced by early Art Deco poster art — using exaggerated perspective lines and simplistic symmetrical forms. I wanted to highlight the tour rider’s precession and accuracy: the upright figure looks perfectly positioned and focused on the 21 stage task at hand.

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© James Hayter 2014

Joseph Morpurgo


I was commissioned to create a visual Identity for Joseph Morpurgo's Truthmouth show at the the Edinburgh Fringe festival 2013.

The show acted as a mockery of modern society, making fun of the massive influence the media and popular culture have on people.

I painted Morpurgo as a leader and influencer raising him to a level of importance which could rival the influence of these popular culture channels and conveying him as a cult leader.

© James Hayter 2014

World Cup


A Geometric three colour screenprint to celebrate Brazil's amazing 2014 World Cup.

The artwork conveys a sense of calm and stillness with its simplistic form and colour.

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© James Hayter 2014